Friday, September 26, 2014

OptiFast - end of Transition week 7

Weighed in at 264.9 - a 3.6 pound loss.

Had another good gym day with Mom Wednesday. Lupe (the woman who suggested I mix up the hand weights) asked what time I eat breakfast on gym days, I told her 9am. She said I might benefit from a small snack just prior to coming to work out at 1pm, even if it's just half a banana and then the other half right after. She also told me about a product that you add to water called Tailwind - I'm gonna check it out, some kind of electrolyte mix or something. I could probably benefit from a little energy/sugar bump in-between breakfast and post work out lunch at Mom's (which is usually about 3:30). annnnyway. still tracking on My Fitness Pal, had a good active afternoon at St. Anthony's. Made some more minestrone today, will be having that for the next few days. That's all for now...

Monday, September 22, 2014

OptiFast - Transition Week 7 day 6

Fast forward through the week. It was a good one. Tracking daily all meals on My Fitness Pal, I decided to shoot for 1,300 calories instead of 1,200 and I managed to stay right on target and I wasn't as hungry. Perhaps just a mind trick, I mean it's *only* 100 calories but it may have helped to make a difference... I met my personal goal of not eating any Starbucks breakfast sandwiches this week. This morning, on the way to mom's I picked up the SmartOnes Weight Watcher's version in the frozen food aisle at Safeway and mom and I ate them for breakfast. pretty good. not Starbucks tasty. but satisfying and good fuel for today's workout. and half the calories.

I took the advice of one of the class leaders at mom's gym today. Last week she had asked me what hand weights I was using during group exercise - I've been using 3 pounders. She challenged me to have both the 3 lb. and the 5 lb. next to me during the group portion and said that for some (like bicep curls) use the 5's and for the harder stuff (mainly the ones involving shoulder work) use the 3's. it worked great! I'd never thought to do that and I was happy to be bumping up against the bounds of my normal routine. It felt good to be doing just a little more. I bumped up the elevation on treadmill routine today, too - topping out at 14 instead of 12 like I usually do. I remember when I started I couldn't go higher than 8 without huffing and puffing. 

I had a really good therapy session tonight, too. I swear when I have cathartic therapy session the scale shifts. I SWEAR my body responds to it by letting me let go of weight. not exactly scientific thinking, but i swear. in any case, the scale has been moving this week! I know I won't be out of the 60's tomorrow, but I'll be heading steadily toward those 50's. perhaps next week. that's my plan, anyway. 

pics from today's workout to mark my progress.


arm cycler

Leg cycler - 94 Calories my ass! (this machine doesn't let you put your weight in)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

OptiFast - Transition Week 7 day 1

Had a good day - started off with a bar and coffee. Pushed myself just a little further and harder (that's what she said) at the gym today. healthy choice and green beans for lunch. shake. then went to my therapy appointment, had a bar on the drive home and just had another shake. we're s'posed to have no more than 3 MRs a day, but today was just like that. i got home too late (and tired) to cook and we don't have the quick "go to" stuff on hand right now (salads, lean cuisines, etc.) - shopping tomorrow. 

Treadmill 40 mins with a speed btwn 1 and 2.5 mph, elevation btwn 4 and 13.

Bike 20 mins 3.3 miles btwn level 4 and 9

arm cycler thingy 20 minutes, also 3.3 miles and levels 4-9


OptiFast 3 MR/day plan - end of week 6

gained. 3.0

blargh. reminds me how vigilant i need to be. in my mind my only transgressions were half a bottle of Pinot Grigio and 1 slice of pepperoni pizza. i say that because i thought I stayed between 1200 and 1400 calories every day. but, looking back on the FitnessPal images on here, i see i only met that goal 3 days and went over 3 days... so, yeah. i guess that's why this monitoring is so vital. i'm not upset about it. just gonna trust and have patience with the process. my goal this week is not to eat any Starbucks breakfast sandwiches. i love them toooo much. no mas. at least not this week.

current 268.5

ready to see the 50's!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

OptiFast 3 MR/day plan - Transition Week 6 day 6

So far today.

got to the gym with mom, plan to go back Wednesday.

OptiFast 3 MR/day plan - Transition Week 6 day 5

Over again. the home scale isn't moving much. 

OptiFast 3 MR/day plan - Transition Week 6 day 4

Went and picked lemons today from Natty's tree over in Portola. Plan to attempt a batch of Limoncello. had half a bottle of Pinot Grigio tonight for 600 calories. meh.

Friday, September 12, 2014

OptiFast 3 MR/day plan - Transition Week 6 day 3

It was kind of a shitty shift at St. Anthony's today, one security member said folks have run out of funds from first of the month and are coming down from whatevers... People were crabby, hostile, etc. blarg.

I drove to St. A's today so no walk back. Moves had logged 1.5 miles for me today.

OptiFast 3 MR/day plan - Transition Week 6 day 2

Dentist appt for tooth making and then grocery shopping. Jason ordered Goat Hill Pizza for dinner. I did not partake... UNTIL about 11pm and I had one *small* slice. next time, I will just go to bed! :)

more like a 2,000 calorie day today.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

OptiFast 3 MR/day plan - Transition Week 6 day 1

Had a good day at the gym with mom today and ended up with remaining calories (still shooting for 1,200/day). Exercise and food logging into My Fitness Pal, works great.

OptiFast 3 MR/day plan - end of Transition Week 5

The physical activity and diligent tracking with good choices paid off this week - I managed to lose 4.2 of the 7.0 pounds I had gained. 

current weight 265.5

another day of Jury Selection with the same meals as yesterday, I did not get called up. Sorta relieved because it means I can go to the gym with Mom tomorrow and keep my dentist appt Thursday to get things started to get my implant made. hurrah. 

OptiFast 3 MR/day plan - Transition Week 5 day 6

Jury selection. Starbucks black coffee for breakfast then a bad and a good choice. I can't seem to get away from their sausage breakfast sandwiches and they use up nearly 500 calories. the good choice was the protein box for lunch (which was portable, no refrigeration and a good size packed with protein and didn't make me sleepy after lunch so I could pay attention to the rest of the looooooong booooorrrrrring process of jury selection. Lean Cuisine for dinner. and green beans.

walked home from the Hall Of Justice. 

Sunday, September 07, 2014

OptiFast 3 MR/day plan - Transition Week 5 day 5

Just enjoyed a Lean Cuisine and a can o' green beans. Today will be another fairly inactive day as I have a bunch of homework due tonight for both classes. sucks because I have jury duty tomorrow, so I won't be getting in my usual Monday afternoon workout with Mom. ah, well - we do what we can. #progressnotperfection

Afternoon snack

I'm getting the hang of the pattern, after 3 times ripping out and starting over. woot. about to start on homework. seriously.

 Jason made this wonderful chicken dinner tonight a la Blue Apron. delicious. i estimated 350  calories and left about 75% of the candied pistachios on the plate. 

OptiFast 3 MR/day plan - Transition Week 5 day 4

late post. here's what i ate yesterday.

I did diddly squat excepting a shopping trip to Safeway to pick up more Lean Cuisines and green beans. And trying to learn how to knit by reading a chart.